Crystal Grooms Mangano is a multi-talented composer and music supervisor who has strengthened a wide variety of television and film projects.  

Most recently, Crystal’s scoring work can be heard in thriller film No Escape starring Keegan Allen and Holland Roden, which features a musical palette of traditional orchestral elements punctuated by original manipulated recordings of heavy metals and iron. As a music supervisor, Crystal recently contributed to Netflix’s Emmy-nominated series, Dolly Parton's Heartstrings which highlighted 8 of Dolly’s original songs and brought together an incredible music team from Los Angeles, Nashville, and Atlanta. 

Crystal’s original music can be heard enlivening many projects across the independent film world. These include Across the Ocean, a film told in parallel story lines directed by 2 female directors from LA and India, the upcoming documentary Duty Free bringing to light the challenges of ageism in America, and SXSW selection Asperger’s Are Us, which followed a comedy troupe with Asperger’s syndrome, for which her score was nominated for a Hollywood Music & Media Award for best documentary score. 

As a music supervisor, Crystal has worked on a diverse array of independent feature films including Saban Films’ Don't Tell a Soul starring Jack Dylan Grazer, Fionn Whitehead, Rainn Wilson and Mena Suvari, Shout! Studios’ Standing Up, Falling Down starring Billy Crystal and Ben Schwartz, and HBO feature documentary Cold Blue directed by Erik Nelson and produced by Paul Allen. 

Crystal was introduced to the entertainment industry through music licensing, working at The Music Bridge as a clearance coordinator. She later began working for Legativity Music, collaborating with owner and Emmy-nominated composer Mark Leggett, whose credits include NBC’s My Name is Earl, Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors, and The Pretender. Mark’s mentorship enabled her ascent in the television and film composing world. Crystal also composed additional music for several of his projects, including Discovery’s Penguins: Waddle All the Way and Time Warp, National Geographic’s JFK: The Final Hours, and Animal Planet’s Escape to Chimp Eden. Working at Mark’s studio exposed Crystal to an eclectic variety of scores from the blues rock music of My Name is Earl to cinematic scores for the countryside of Ladakh.  

Crystal attributes much of her sound and musical approach to the creative freedom she received while studying film and music at Montana State University. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she can be found training for an upcoming marathon or spending rare downtime with her husband, Chris.

photo by Gina Cholick

photo by Gina Cholick


Feature Films (narrative): 

Deltopia (in post-production) - music supervisor

Chrissy Judy (2022) - music supervisor

Don't Tell a Soul (2021) - music supervisor

No Escape (2020) - composer

Standing Up, Falling Down (2020) - music supervisor

Across the Ocean (2019) - composer 

Escape Room (2017) - additional music 

Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich (2015) - music editor

American Romance (2016) - music editor

Black Widows (2016) - additional music, music coordinator 

Forced Move (2015) - composer 

Feature Films (Documentary):

Mom and Dad's Nipple Factory (in post production) - composer

Doctor Who Am I (in post-production) - music supervisor 

Duty Free (in post-production) - composer 

The Cold Blue (2018) - music supervisor 

The Repository (2018) - composer 

A Gray State (2017) - music editor 

Asperger's Are Us - (2016) - composer 



The Happy Days of Garry Marshall (ABC, 2020) - music editor

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings (Netflix, 2019) - music supervisor

Nova (PBS, 2018) - additional music

American Master's: This is Bob Hope (PBS, 2017) - music editor

Romance at Reindeer Lodge (Hallmark, 2017) - music editor

Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love (NBC, 2016) - music coordinator

Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (NBC, 2015) - music coordinator

Anne Frank's Holocaust (National Geographic, 2015) - music editor

Dick Cavett's Vietnam (PBS, 2015) - music editor

Dick Cavett's Watergate (PBS, 2014) - music editor

Orphan Black: The Cloneversation (BBC America, 2014) - music editor

Great Bear Stakeout (BBC, 2013) - music editor

JFK: The Final Hours (National Geographic, 2013) - music editor

Penguins: Waddle All The Way (BBC, 2013) - music editor

Monster Squid: The Giant is Real (Discovery, 2013) - music editor

How Jaws Changed the World (Discovery, 2012) - music editor

Tiger Man of Africa (National Geographic, 2011) - music editor

Dinosaur Revolution (Discovery, 2011) - music editor

Engineering Evil (Discovery, 2010) - music editor

Blood Dolphins (Animal Planet, 2010) - music editor

Christmas Unwrapped (Discovery, 2010) - music editor

Escape to Chimp Eden (Animal Planet, 2008-2010) - music editor

How Stuff Works (Discovery, 2009-2010) - music editor

Cereal: Beyond the Bowl (Discovery, 2009) - music editor

Mega Beasts (Discovery, 2009) - music editor

Nostradamus Decoded (Discovery, 2009) - music editor

Time Warp (Discovery, 2008-2009) - music editor

John Ratzenberger's Made in America (Travel, 2008-2009) - music editor

After the Attack (Animal Planet, 2008) - music editor

Anatomy of a Shark Bite (Discovery, 2008) - music editor


Film Trailers: 



Concert Works: 

Strength of a Nation - Concert Band 

First Frost - Woodwind Quintet


Online/Alternative Media: 

Storyline Online 

Harper Collins 


College Humor 


Amerigo Film 

Montana State University 

Maya Romanoff 

Eyes of the World Media Group 


Short Films: 

Hello - Directed by Tony Bloodworth 

Laws of the Universe - Directed by Chris Mangano 

Surface - Directed by Araceli Mireles 

Sexual Fluidity - Directed by Alissa Torvinen 

Daisy's Chain - Directed by Chris Mangano 

PHOD - Directed by Wednesday Standley 

Above and Beyond - Directed by Sarah Drinkard 

Annabelle - Directed by Malinda Hee 

An Appetite for Bernard Brady - Directed by Chris Mangano 

This is Home - Directed by Crystal Grooms