Music & Wine Experiences


Entertain your senses and discover the interaction between
taste sensations and the elements of music. 

Current Experiences: 

ROOTSTOCK – A music festival celebrating the magic of music of wine.  
Live-streamed July 2021, now available as encore and on-demand performances. 

Upcoming Experiences: 

The Holidays with VIVANT 
Spotlight – exploring the intersection of music and wine



VIVANT is the first interactive streaming service for live and on-demand experiences from wine regions around the world. The company is pioneering immersive, virtual experiences that make learning about wine approachable, entertaining, and convenient.


Accelerate the wine world’s transition to a sustainable future by amplifying the voices of responsible winemakers and food producers, showing consumers that organic production is creates wines and products that are better tasting, better for them, and better for the planet.

Platform details: 
Now streaming wine experiences from Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire, the Rhone, Alsace, Champagne and Provence. New experiences coming soon from Spain and Italy!


Interested in collaborating for an interactive experience?  Please contact Crystal at:
crystal.mangano at